Microblade Training | Boho Beauty Microblading

Looking for a career change ? Looking for something that isn’t a 9-5 , and fuels your soul and bank account ?! 


BOHO BEAUTY MICROBLADING has got the solution for you ! 


Microblading has started to take over our beauty industry , I mean who doesn’t want to have beautiful eyebrows ?! 


Here’s a break down of how lucrative a microblading career can be for you future Boss ladies if you charge $400 a session (this doesn’t include the $50 6 week touch up fee ) 


2 brows a week = $41,600 annually 

4 brows a week = $83,200 annually 

6 brows a week = $124,800 annually 




My class will offer you the following 


100% break down of brow shaping and mapping , with detailed teachings on proper brow stroke patterns. 


Full kit that offers all product to service 100 clients ! 


Full list of where to order your products for your best bang for your buck 


Full demonstration of two microblade procedures from beginning to end 


Constant love and support 🖤


So Why choose Jess from Boho for your training course ?! Jess has become a very successful reputable artist in southern Ontario. Taking on Hundreds of clients all over Ontario and the United States ! With her passionate attention to detail , over 200 combined google and Facebook 5 star reviews , she is defiantly you’re go to into becoming your own successful boss! Please take time to read the detailed course outline below , and if you have any additional questions please feel free to email Jess directly on the website !

This course may be on the higher end of the price point , but this is with very good reason. Cheaper is NEVER better when it comes to anything ,right? This is a lifetime investment to being successful ! Be sure to go to someone who creates beautiful results , has great reviews , has been in business for a lengthy SUCCESSFUL amount of time. 

If your reading this that means you have sparked an interest in becoming a microblade artist ! What an exciting decision you’ve made ! Becoming a microblade artist is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only is this job very lucrative but it goes beyond just that. Creating your own scheduled , meeting amazing women who are ready to do something for them , and of course being your own BOSS BABE🖤


I have worked very hard and am beyond passionate about this career of mine and during this detailed course I will put my heart and soul into making sure you leave feeling confident and ready to take on your new career ! I keep my courses cozy and small with max 3 students (one on one is also available ) This allows me to focus on YOU and any struggles or concerns you may have when it comes to microblading ! 


When it comes to microblading one of the most critical importance’s to this career comes down to mapping two perfect eyebrows ! I have mastered my craft in this and have worked very hard to ensure an easy stress free mapping , in fact  its so easy and flawless that artists from all over Ontario (and the states ) contact her for refresher mapping courses ! 


To give you a sense of what’s involved in this fun ,love filled three day course I will outline the detailing below ! 


Day one! Everyone’s so nervous and anxious but let’s have some fun and hang out in a beautiful cozy space talking about brows ! Day one is a fun laid back day full of reading ! Everyone is provided with a detailed hand crafted book to guide you through all the ins and outs of microblading. From consultations , health and safety , set up , pigments (how do we pick the perfect colour for our beautiful clients?!?!) and the most important mapping and stroke pattern. This is what will separate me from the rest ! Detailed visual mapping and breaking down stroke patterns to make flawless beautifully crafted brows for each client ! We will work together on proper set up , clean up , and spend time working on practice skin ! Most importantly we will go over all blood borne safety rules and regulations to ensure that you and your clients are safe (this includes an online blood borne test) 


Day 2 ! It’s time for some hands on and visuals !! In the morning we will take some time to go over everyone’s practice skins and any questions ! Now for the best part, watching a live microblade ! I will have a client come in for a full microblade procedure ! Allowing you to watch fully from

Beginning  to end on mapping, picking her proper colour , clean up and going over aftercare !   


Day 3! You’re almost done ! But we need to complete a final step! It’s microblade day! One model will be provided (or you can bring your own ) for you to complete your course to become certified . During this process I will be there every step of the way to make sure both you and your model are at complete ease ! 


There you have it ! You have taken a huge step into becoming an amazing boss to such an amazing career ! Our time doesn’t stop here though, I am ALWAYS here to help guide you in anything you need . 


Now to the fun part , the kit ! 


This kit will provide you with everything you need for 100 clients ! That’s $40,000 of income for YOU when you charge $400 per client ! 



•microblades (series of different blades provided to find which one you love best)

•nitrile gloves 

•face masks 

•hair nets 

•numbing cream (I use the best of the best)

•microblade tool 

•pigment cups 

•pigment holder 

•brow scissors 

•brow tweezers 

•brow brushes 

•full line of Tina Davies pigment (best out there )


•wax china pencil 

•mapping string 

•razors for wax pencil 


•travel case 

•templates of aftercare cards and post procedure forms 

Numbing cream 

Amazing tools for perfect boho mapping 


Course cost $3300+hst 

When booking a $1000 deposit is required. One week prior to course date you will be required to pay the remaining balance .


I thank you SO much for your interest in choosing me to help guide you into this amazing career and I assure you that you will leave feeling confidence in being a successful microblade artist. 🙌🏻🖤