Boho Beauty Micoblading

Important! Please Read!

It is highly recommended to book your touch up appointment as soon as you book your Microblade Procedure. If you do not book your touch up there is a very high possibility that you will not be able schedule your touch up for the proper date which is 6-10 weeks after your initial procedure. Boho is now booking Microblade procedures into February . It's worth the wait. Remember its your face!!


100$ Booking Fee with Microblade Procedure

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that is less permanent than traditional cosmetic tattooing. The results typically last 1-3 years, depending on your skin type and skincare routine.

A hand tool with super fine needles is used for the procedure. After carefully measuring to determine placement and shape, each ‘hair’ stroke is gently etched into the skin. The pigment is chosen to match the natural or desired brow colour, taking into consideration skin tone. The result is an incredibly natural, realistic set of brows.

Microblading is perfect for anyone wanting to enhance their brows. Whether you have little to no brow, thinning or over-plucked brows, the results are beautifully realistic.


Does it hurt ? 


Firstly , everyone's pain tolerance is on completely different scales. However the numbing cream I use has 95% of all clients in complete comfort. If you are someone who doesn't take numbing well you may feel a slight discomfort. If this is the case , more numbing will be added throughout your session to ensure you are in complete comfort. 


Is there anything I should do or don't do leading up to my procedure? 


48 hours prior to your appointment please do not consume alcohol, or any type of blood thinner. I also ask that 48 hours prior that you don't not apply any cream or moisturizer above the eyes . Microblade retention is at it's all time best when the area is as dry as possible ! 


How will you predict my shaping and colouring to ensure I leave loving my new brows ?


When it comes to mapping out your new brows I use two separate tools. Step one is marking your A B C D points followed by a string technique that grids your canvas and perfectly highlights exactly where your brows should sit based on your facial structure and features ! 


When it comes to colour I colour match perfectly to your natural brow colour! The trick here is blending different shades until we can't tell the difference between my "hair strokes" and yours ! Modifiers are then used to cancel out a cool skin tone pulling grey/blue and a warm skin tone pulling pinky/orange ! 


How long will it last ? 


Microblading retention varies from skin type to skin type. Microblading will hold its retention best when placed into drier skin. With this said , microblading on someone who has oily skin will shorten the life of the microblade by a few months.  

Eg. Dry skin clients will return around 12-18 months for their annual colour boost , where as oily clients would return between 8-14 months dependant on how oily the brow area is !